Squirt & Bantam Divisions

Download the SGLFSA Rules of Play

Regular Season Play

The regular season games and practices are scheduled Monday through to Thursday evenings, and are typically held at the Downe, Selkirk, Moonlight or Twin Forks fields in the Sudbury area. The players take to the field approximately twice a week. Each team in the league is required to attend two house league tournaments. Select Teams may have additional game/practice days.

Important Dates:
Season Starts Monday May 23 2017
Spring Classic Tournament June 23-25
Last Bat Tournament August 11-13

Softball Ontario age divisions are based on age prior to January 1st of the current year, as indicated in the birth year brackets below. These “U” age divisions must be honored during select tournaments or inter-league play. For house league play, our league combines the Mite and Squirt age divisions, combines the Bantam and Novice age divisions, and combines the Midget and Ladies age divisions. We are a recreational house league with players of all skill levels, therefore, players not comfortable or confident in moving up a division may make a request to the executive to remain in a lower division. In the same respect, players who feel they are better suited to advance to the next division may also make a request to the executive to move up a division. Decisions may be based on division numbers, social maturity as well as skill level.

Squirt Division

Ages 8-12

Squirt Schedule Available Here
Squirt June 23-25 Tournament Schedule Soon

Bantam Division

Ages: 13-16

Bantam Schedule Available Here
Bantam June 23-25 Tournament Schedule Soon

Player Agreement

To ensure that the players within the league have a great season, we have prepared an agreement of sorts so teams, individual players, parent/guardians, and coaching staff know what is expected. Softball is a team sport and the girls have more fun if everyone is involved. Please review the following points:

  • I agree to be an active team player. I will respect my coaching staff, other players and umpires.
  • I will show up to games/practices, or I will notify the coaching staff of my absence.
  • I will bring a positive attitude and put forth my best effort.
  • I will come prepared with the proper equipment and adequate hydration.
  • I will do my best to keep track of my equipment and try not to misplace it.
  • If I am injured or ill I will notify coaching staff immediately.
  • If I am having any problems socially or with skills I will discuss it with the coaching staff. Together we can find a solution.
  • It is my/parents/guardians responsibility to notify the coaching staff of any allergies or medical concerns I may have
  • I will bring an extra t-shirt to the Last Bat Tournament to return my jersey at the end of the season