Ladies [17+]

The regular season and playoffs games are scheduled Thursday evenings (6:30pm or 8:30pm game start) at Twin Forks field in New Sudbury. The Ladies Division [17+] plays once a week.

Team Registration only, PDF forms available here

Are you a solo-player interested in playing?  Fill out this online form and someone will get in touch!

Please Contact Brittany Dumont for further information regarding this division

Rules of Play

>> Download the Ladies Division [17+] Rules of Play (PDF) <<


>> Download the Ladies Schedule (PDF) <<

Date Time Home Team Away Team
May 24 6:30pm Backdoor Sliders(9) Super Stacked(5)
May 24 8:30pm Ruff Ryders(11) Bats n Balls(6)
May 31 6:30pm Bats n Balls(17) Backdoor Sliders(8)
May 31 8:30pm Super Stacked(2) Ruff Ryders(1)
June 7 6:30pm Super Stacked(15) Bats n Balls(3)
June 7 8:30pm Ruff Ryders(7) Backdoor Sliders(4)
June 14 6:30pm Bats n Balls(20) Ruff Ryders(10)
June 14 8:30pm Super Stacked(14) Backdoor Sliders(0)
June 21 6:30pm Ruff Ryders(5) Super Stacked(9)
June 21 8:30pm Backdoor Sliders(10) Bats n Balls(20)


Date Time Home Team Away Team
June 28 6:30pm Backdoor Sliders Ruff Ryders
June 28 8:30pm Bats n Balls (0) Super Stacked (11)
July 5 6:30pm Backdoor Sliders Super Stacked
July 5 8:30pm Ruff Ryders Bats n Balls
July 12 6:30pm Bats n Balls (16) Backdoor Sliders (15)
July 12 8:30pm Super Stacked Ruff Ryders
July 19 6:30pm Super Stacked (8) Bats n Balls (9)
July 19 8:30pm Ruff Ryders Backdoor Sliders
July 26 6:30pm Bats n Balls (9) Ruff Ryders (11)
July 26 8:30pm Super Stacked (13) Backdoor Sliders (2)
August 2 6:30pm Ruff Ryders(12*) Super Stacked(19*)
August 2 8:30pm Backdoor Sliders(0) Bats n Balls(20*)
August 9 6:30pm Backdoor Sliders Ruff Ryders
August 9 8:30pm Bats n Balls (7) Super Stacked (12)
August 16 6:30pm Playoffs 1st 4th
August 16 8:30pm 2nd 3rd
August 23 6:30pm Loser of Game 2 Loser of Game 1
August 23 8:30pm Winner of Game 1 Winner of Game 2

End of Year Banquet Tentative Date August 24

Season Standings

Win = 2 pts Tie = 1 pt   Loss = 0 pts

Forfeit = The game is recorded as a loss in the standings for the forfeiting team and a win for the opposing team.  The score will finish 6-0.  The score equates to the number of innings in a regulation game.

Rank Team Name Win Loss Tie Runs Total Points
 4 Backdoor Sliders 1 7 0 48 2
 2 Bats n Balls 6 5 0 127 12
 3 Ruff Ryders 3 4 0 57 6
 1 Super Stacked 8 2 0 118 16

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